Current Staff

Cut out and collect the set – hours of fun for all the family !!
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Staff Legends

A brief explanation of the categories

Ape Index: We first measured our arm span in inches and then subtracted our height. The result was our Ape Index.

The Plank: We assumed a press up position but rested our weight on our elbows and forearms making sure our toes were the only other parts of our bodies in contact with the floor. Our backs had to be straight and flat (hence the name “The Plank”). We then timed ourselves to see how long we could hold this position. No shifting or wriggling was allowed. Gurning is strongly advised for comedic purposes!!

Grip Strength: This was measured in kilograms with our handy sized squeezy grip strength measurer (a.k.a. Grip Dynamometer).

Pinch Own Weight: We took a typical set of bathroom scales and noted our weight then we gripped the scales in both hands and squeezed as though our lives depended on it. The results were recorded as a percentage of our own weight squeezed.

The only other thing that needs any explanation are the six climbing categories and their corresponding ticks at the bottom of the cards. We each had to list in order of preference the types of climbing we have a close affinity with on a sliding scale of 5 to zero (where 5 ticks would suggest a very close affinity and zero would suggest we’d rather go to the pub!).

two rock on staff planking