Suppliers And Friends

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Links To Our Suppliers
This list includes the companies from whom we stock a large chunk of their range. This is not an exhaustive list however as we select particular items from the ranges of many other manufacturers and suppliers such as Mad Rock, Evolv, Simond, AustriAlpin, Holdfast, Core, Cicerone, Kong and a whole bunch of others.
We can’t guarantee that other websites (possibly some of these) won't include nebulous, almost meaningless marketing gobbledegook though we can try to translate it afterwards.
Rob Goodier, Three Cliffs Bay
Click on a logo to go to their website.
DMM website
DMM are a world renowned climbing brand and one of our major suppliers. We stock almost everything that they do. A climbing shop is not a climbing shop without DMM.
Wild Country website
As above really. Wild Country are known as ‘the cam company’ due to their development of the Friend. We stock not just the Friends though, but their gear right across the climbing range.
Petzl website
Petzl are another internationally famous climbing company and another of our major suppliers. Helmets, harnesses, headtorches and loads of stuff that doesn't begin with H. Much of our Industrial Rope Access Kit comes from these guys.
Black Diamond website
Black Diamond Camalots are known the world over but we also stock lots of BD harnesses, krabs, ice screws . . . . . the list goes on.
La Sportiva website
La Sportiva don't need much of an introduction. If there’s one thing the Italians are good at it is footwear. Especially rock shoes and mountain boots. Actually they are pretty good at food, drink, skiing, sports cars, etc.
Boreal website
Boreal rose to dominance of the rock shoe scene when they came up with the idea of sticky rubber. We have a bigger range of Boreal rock shoes than many shops have of all brands of rock shoes added together.
Five Ten website
5.10’s rock shoes ‘stealth’ rubber has always had rave reviews from the hardest climbers. It’s on their less technical shoes too.
Red Chili website
Red Chili are yet another of those brands where we seem to do almost everything they do.
Scarpa website
Scarpa mountain boots are world famous and some of their rock shoes are amongst our staff favourites.
Grivel website
Grivel are masters of crampon manufacturing, though we sell as many of their helmets as their crampons, from kids sized to the largest of extra large bonce size.
Camp website
Camp are probably the biggest climbing gear manufacturer in the world.
Metolius website
Metolius make some special (and specialist) kit. When they come up with something innovative you can be sure it’s good. Also check out their website for fingerboard training tips.
Beta Climbing Designs website
Climb On, Beta Stick and the truly brilliant Kahtoola crampons are all piled into Rock On's shops from Beta Climbing Designs.
Moon website
Ben Moon is one of the world’s best known climbers who continues to climb hard whilst ensuring we have a ready supply of climbing clothing and boulder mats, chalkbags etc. The Moon Cypher pant could even be iconic – if that’s possible for a pair of trousers.
Edelweiss website
The ropes of choice of nearly all our shop staff are Edelweiss. Once you’ve used one no other rope will feel the same. If you want a rope to last, these are your guys.
Mammut website
Mammut are probably the best known rope brand in the world. They have a climbing rope for any climbing you might fancy.
Trango website
Not too much of Trango’s kit comes to the UK, but one go with the cinch belay device and you’ll want one.
Beal website
Beal have a massive range of ropes with the lowest impact forces of any rope. If you want to know what that means give us a call.
Crux website
Crux rucksacks are not simply bags, they are climbing equipment. Only a climber could design and produce these amazing rucksacks. Strong, light and simple – exactly what you want.
Yates website
Yates are another very special specialist American company. For now we can only get their screamers, but they are the screamers you want if you plan on taking any screamers.
E9 website
Just because you can wear E9 tee shirts, beanies or chalkbags doesn’t automatically mean you can climb E9.
Edelrid website
We stock Edelrid harnesses, helmets and belay devices along with some great ropes.
Climb Magazine website
Climb is definitely, probably, certainly our favourite climbing magazine, maybe. Most of the time.
Cordee website
Cordee are the most important source of climbing books and dvds in the UK.
Cordee website
Cicerone are Britains major publisher of guides to exploring the hills, mountains and countryside of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
We also have selected climbing clothing from the huge ranges of Prana, Patagonia, The North Face and specially chosen tops, bottoms and hats from Chillaz, Nihil and Lost Arrow.
Links To Our Friends
These guys really are friends of Rock On, not just random people to make us look popular. Some are long term customers or former colleagues or climbing partners and we recommend them because we know they are good at what they do and we like them.
Blocfest website Rock On are pleased to be the spot prize sponsors for the brand new Blokfest bouldering festivals. Check out the Blokfest website for details and venues.
Rod White Rod has the brilliant ability to inspire absolute calm and confidence in his climbing partners. Jim knows this from being dragged up steep gullies and ice falls by the ever smiling, North Wales residing, MIC qualified, well spoken, thoroughly lovely chap, that Rod certainly is.
Head On Out website We're happy to recommend Ed and his team who will put together an all-inclusive trip to suit you perfectly. With their Door to Rock service, you'll be collected from your door and driven to the crag! They'll check the weather and head for the sun. Sounds like a perfect climbing day out.
Uzo Ehiogu physio website Uzo Ehiogu holds degrees in Sports Science, Physiotherapy and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. He's a full member of the UK Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). Most importantly he's a climber, so understands the daft things we do to our bodies! He has clinics in London and at Redpoint, in Birmingham, and we are happy to recommend him.
Boulder Bus A really good way to get to Font for a weekends bouldering. They also organise trips to other collections of large stones here and there.
Feet First website Feet First are the only place we recommend you send your old faithful rock shoes for a resole. No climber worth her rand patch would disagree.
A great apartment in Argentiere Click on this link to rent a great apartment perfectly situated for an Alpine trip - It might happen to belong to someone we know...