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Andey Kosenko
Your Rock On Beer Towel Photo
If you wish to have your picture entered into our Hall Of Fame and you don't yet own one of our beer towels, pop into your nearest Rock On shop - be that London, Guildford or Birmingham and pick up a Rock On Beer Towel (a free one if you tell us you read about it here!!).

Rock On Facebook Group

The Rock On Facebook Group
When you've got a cool/weird/comical/inventive photo you could first post it on our Rock On Facebook Page and if we think it's worthy to be transfered here into our Hall Of Fame, then that's exactly what we'll do. Of course, if you'd rather not join our Facebook Group you could email your photo to us instead. Or if you're really old fashioned you could always drop off a proper photograph on proper olde worlde photo paper at any of our shops and we'll sort out the rest.
Get involved with the Rock On Beer Towel craze and be inventive!